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A new brew is on it’s way…

Today is super exciting! Not only are we making beer (which despite our last post is “normal” we still always get excited about making it!) – but we’re making a brand NEW beer! Now that is super exciting!

What’s more, it’s the first new beer we’ll have produced since our fire back in January, and as such, we obviously need to make it pretty special! We’re not going to reveal too many details just yet but what I can tell you is that we’re using some hops (British of course!) that we’ve never used before! It’s going to be single hop and will be golden in colour.

This is quite likely to head up a whole new range of beers for us so as ever, we’re putting every care in to making sure it’s going to be another awesome beer. We’ll be posting updates on the Facebook page as it progresses (and adding further images here) and I think we might just run a competition around it too!

Stay tuned!


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