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Bristol Beer Festival 2017


Its just over a week until Bristol CAMRA’s beer festival kick offs and with over 130 beers to try we cant wait! A great day for both newbies and veterans of the festival, this year will be accompanied by an app available on both android and apple smart phones. Covering every available drink at the festival in great detail, you can download today and browse the beers you wish to try. Also incorporated into the app is a rating system and will reveal the crowd favorite beers from over the weekend. Don’t forget to rate the beers you loved!

Taking place in Brunel’s Old Station (part of Temple Meads Station) means getting to and from the festival is hassle free. And, being right in the heart of Bristol, means heading off to one of the cities many craft ale bars is even easier.

Falling within the Bristol CAMRA constituency we take great pride in the festival. This year we are taking along three of our ales: our flagship beer ‘Pitchfork’ (4.3%), the new hit ‘Goldbine’ (3.8%) and a twist on an old favorite ‘Coffee Slug Porter’ (4.5%). You can try all these at the LocALE bar and all three will be in with a chance of winning the prestigious ‘Local Ale Beer of the Festival’. We can drink to that!

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Beer on it’s travels!

We had a super busy month throughout September as we were almost flat out brewing to supply some of the rather delicious “Return from the Ashes” beer to Wetherspoons for their winter real ale festival.

The festival kicked off just a week ago and so far we’ve seen our Twitter feed and Facebook timeline light up with great reports on the beer from all over the country! So far “Return from the Ashes” has been enjoyed by discerning drinkers in Glasgow, Carlisle, Llanelli, New Malden, Taunton, Poole, Southend-on-Sea, Rochdale, Nottingham, Rugely, Southgate and Sutton!

We only deliver directly ourselves to within about a 100 mile radius of the brewery and now, thanks to JD Wetherspoon, drinkers from much further afield are getting the opportunity to enjoy our beer! It’s great to know that fellow beer lovers are getting acquainted with our brews regardless of their location, our beer has no (geographic) boundaries!

If you’ve popped in to a Wetherspoon’s and sampled “Return from the Ashes”, drop us a line and let us know, we’d love to know where it travelled to and what you think of it!

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Champion Beer of Britain – Double Finalists!

We’ve had to keep quiet about this – which can be difficult when you love what you do as much as we do – but now we can reveal that we were DOUBLE finalists in the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain Awards!

Yep, our Hewish Mild and Pitchfork were both in the national finals for their categories (Mild and Golden respectively). CAMRA rules prevent us from revealing that before the Great British Beer Festival but as it’s now in full swing we can finally let you in on it.

Tuesday was the trade day at the festival and we all jumped on to various trains to make our way over to London to find out if were going to get some more GBBF glory like some of the past years. You could feel the tension as the announcements were made but alas, neither Pitchfork or Hewish Mild won their category but for us to have two beers in the national finals was indeed a great achievement and we’re super proud of that!

Here’s to next year!

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Extreme Makeover – RCH Edition

Thanks to the fire, our brewhouse was refitted and of course, that’s inevitably meant the main building got shown some TLC too, luckily, we’ve been on the ball with capturing the makeover on some time lapse video to produce the fastest building makeover in history!

And from above, here’s how we look now…


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Phoenix Gold exclusive first tasting!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook – thank you! If not, why not? 😉 We ran a competition recently to give three lucky winners the opportunity to be the first to try our new beer “Phoenix Gold”. So, Friday 1st July saw Mark, Neil and Tony head in to the brewery to get their tastebuds around our latest creation before anyone else!

We weren’t prepared for the verdict…

They LOVED it! We loved it but as with any new brew, there’s always a bit of trepidation as to how it would be received but we had no need to worry of course!

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Say hello to “Phoenix Gold”

As you’ll have read, we’ve produced our first new beer since the fire and now we’re really excited to introduce you to it! Say “Hello” to our new beer, “Phoenix Gold”!

‘Phoenix Gold’ is a beautifully golden ale with hints of citrus and spice leaving you with a lingering bitterness right through to finish. Brewed using Phoenix hops (British), we’ve turned the problem of our brewhouse fire in to a brand new delicious beer!

Keep checking the Facebook page as there’s going to be another exciting announcement tomorrow!

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Beer Day Britain! Say “Cheers!”

Today is Beer Day Britain! The date is significant as it was the day the Magna Carta was signed back in 1215 and in there it stipulated a standard measure across the country for a serving a beer – which incidentally wasn’t a pint, it was the London Quart. Anyway, as that’s where our humble pint started from this is why Beer Day Britain is celebrated on 15th June.

Being beer lovers we are of course getting involved and we’d love to buy you a pint. Head over to our Facebook page for information on how you can get a free pint on us! And don’t forget to say “Cheers!” tonight at 7pm!


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A new brew is on it’s way…

Today is super exciting! Not only are we making beer (which despite our last post is “normal” we still always get excited about making it!) – but we’re making a brand NEW beer! Now that is super exciting!

What’s more, it’s the first new beer we’ll have produced since our fire back in January, and as such, we obviously need to make it pretty special! We’re not going to reveal too many details just yet but what I can tell you is that we’re using some hops (British of course!) that we’ve never used before! It’s going to be single hop and will be golden in colour.

This is quite likely to head up a whole new range of beers for us so as ever, we’re putting every care in to making sure it’s going to be another awesome beer. We’ll be posting updates on the Facebook page as it progresses (and adding further images here) and I think we might just run a competition around it too!

Stay tuned!


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Normal isn’t so normal…

This new fangled internet-web thing looks like it’s here to stay and never being ones to shy away from trying something new, we decided to get in to this online publishing / blog malarky!

What we do everyday is just what we do – we love it of course, but like anything, when you do it everyday, it becomes normal. Each of our days are pretty episodic, brew days are brew days, racking days are racking days and so on, each day we go through the same processes and it’s all a bit samey! So when we decided to start publishing on our blog we did honestly think, “well, what have we got to talk about?” – but you know what? When we sat down and thought about it, there was actually quite a lot.

We’re blessed in that this industry we operate in is very sociable and full of passionate people – I guess lots of other industries are too but I don’t have any experience of those – so although a lot of what appears to be “normal” to us, is actually really interesting to our fellow beer lovers.

It’s kinda funny what makes us rethink things and see things from a different angle and who’d have thought that writing a blog on what we “just do” everyday would allow us to open up a new perspective on our brewing and operations and reignite a more child like curiosity on what we do!

How about you guys? What is there you do everyday that seems to be “normal” yet perhaps holds elements to be wondered upon and to get curious about? Funny isn’t it what shapes our thinking?