RCH Brewery

Chocolate infused mild providing the most delicous of aromas that precedes the smooth, slightly sweet finish.

We’d had such a great response from our Chocolate Slug and, quite frankly, had way too much chocolate left over that the crazy idea of chocifying our Mild was born – as it turned out, it wasn’t such a crazy idea, it’s stunning!

Chocolate Mild is available in cask at various pubs.

Chocolate Mild
ABV: 3.6%
Colour: Brown
Hops: Progress
Available in: 18g Kilderkin cask
9g Firkin cask
10 or 20 litre Poly Pins (bright)

Chocolate Mild is 100% British Beer!

All of our beers are entirely, and proudly, British. From our West Country water, through the traditionally floor malted barley and English hops and yeast, you can be confident that Chocolate Mild is 100% British.

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