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Normal isn’t so normal…

This new fangled internet-web thing looks like it’s here to stay and never being ones to shy away from trying something new, we decided to get in to this online publishing / blog malarky!

What we do everyday is just what we do – we love it of course, but like anything, when you do it everyday, it becomes normal. Each of our days are pretty episodic, brew days are brew days, racking days are racking days and so on, each day we go through the same processes and it’s all a bit samey! So when we decided to start publishing on our blog we did honestly think, “well, what have we got to talk about?” – but you know what? When we sat down and thought about it, there was actually quite a lot.

We’re blessed in that this industry we operate in is very sociable and full of passionate people – I guess lots of other industries are too but I don’t have any experience of those – so although a lot of what appears to be “normal” to us, is actually really interesting to our fellow beer lovers.

It’s kinda funny what makes us rethink things and see things from a different angle and who’d have thought that writing a blog on what we “just do” everyday would allow us to open up a new perspective on our brewing and operations and reignite a more child like curiosity on what we do!

How about you guys? What is there you do everyday that seems to be “normal” yet perhaps holds elements to be wondered upon and to get curious about? Funny isn’t it what shapes our thinking?

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